Jump Dunk 3D

Jump Dunk 3D

Jump Dunk 3D

Jump Dunk 3D is an enjoyable game that puts you in a unique basketball challenge. Your objective is to jump on a trampoline and throw the ball in a way that hits the large glass target. Timing your throw correctly is crucial to avoid missing. As you progress through the levels, you'll face opponents that you must outperform, so speed is of the essence. Additionally, more glasses will appear, making it even more challenging. Give it your all!

Overcome Obstacles and Outperform Opponents

Start with simple shots to warm up and get the hang of it. Soon, you'll encounter moving baskets and glass shields that block your shots. These obstacles and dynamic movements make it harder to outshine the other CPU shooters. Aim to minimize missed shots and clear each stage in first place. Above all, have a blast while playing Jump Dunk 3D!

Game Controls

Touch the screen or use your mouse to play.

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