Soccer Random

Soccer Random

Soccer Random

Get ready for the most chaotic and funniest soccer match ever with Soccer Random! Just like any good soccer game, your role is to take control of a team of two players as they try to flair around, kicking the ball to the opponent’s goalpost. However, there is only one button to control the character, and most of the time, the soccer players will act not like what you are expecting!

In Soccer Random, each time the player presses the button, both soccer players will jump and kick. As such, you can use it to either score a goal or defend the goalie. Hilariously enough, sometimes doing nothing will lead your opponent to score against their own goalpost! Who will be the first to score five points in Soccer Random?

How To Play

  • Player 1: Jump and kick with the W key.
  • Player 2: Jump and kick with the up arrow key.

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