Super Buddy Kick Mobile PC

Super Buddy Kick Mobile PC

Super Buddy Kick Mobile PC

Super Buddy Kick Mobile PC is an action game full of humor and silly missions. You can freely relieve stress by enjoying non-stop attacks on Buddy. From guns to scythes, there's no limit to your creativity in equipping and using these tools to create explosive attacks. Don't worry about this uncompromising action. Anyway, this is still an entertaining game with idle gameplay worth trying.

Understand the Game Rules

  • You perform direct attacks on the character's head, arms, torso, and legs.
  • To defeat the puppet, you just need to act until the initial target is achieved.
  • Buy and upgrade weapons to shorten your completion time.

How to Control

You just need to continuously click on the character to win points. According to inertia, the puppet will immediately react with confusing movements. You need to closely follow those movements to continue moving towards your record.

Some Tips and Tricks

  • Find your character's weaknesses to score more impressively in one go.
  • Upgrade weapons as soon as possible to increase the power of each attack.
  • Pay attention to the energy index to utilize it effectively.
  • Customize Buddy for an experience that never stops evolving.
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