Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Put your skills and reflexes to the test with Penalty Shooters 2! Become both the goalkeeper guarding the goalpost and the striker bringing scores to the team! Take part in different leagues, and keep on playing until you have won all the matches!

If you are looking for simple yet thrilling soccer matches, Penalty Shooters 2 is the one you shouldn’t miss! The main focus of this game is only attacking and defending the goalpost as the players take on different positions throughout the game. Become a part of one of 360 different teams; take part in 12 imaginary leagues; and make the best of your skills!

How To Play

  • Striker: Left-click and hold the mouse button to aim, and release it to shoot the ball.
  • Goalkeeper: Left-click and hold while the mouse cursor is at the predicted ball location. Release it to dive towards the ball.

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