Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk is an enjoyable shooting game that combines the thrill of shooting hoops with precise launching. Your goal is to score baskets continuously, but be careful! If your ball escapes the launcher, it's game over. With over 100 levels in mission mode and an endless mode for non-stop fun, Flip Dunk offers a uniquely challenging gaming experience.

How To Play

In Flip Dunk, you'll use a launcher to shoot your basketball into the hoop. The objective is to prevent the ball from escaping the launcher, as that will result in losing the game. There are two modes to choose from: mission and endless. In mission mode, you'll navigate through more than 100 different levels, each with its own challenges. In endless mode, you can keep playing until your ball drops.


Flip Dunk offers a variety of features that make it an exciting game to play. With over 100 levels in mission mode, players can enjoy navigating through different challenges and progressing through the game. Additionally, the endless mode provides endless fun, allowing players to keep playing until their ball drops. 

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