Basketball School

Basketball School

Basketball School

Become a school basketball superstar with Basketball School! Perform classy slam dunks to score eye-catching goals. You can participate in this game in three modes: arcade, time attack, and distance. Of course, each mode has its own unique game rules. Specifically:

  • Arcade: The game will give you ten available balls. If you miss more than this number of balls, the round will end. With each successful throw, the number of balls either decreases or increases. Your score for each throw depends on absolute accuracy.
  • Time Attack: Does the challenge under time pressure make you feel difficult? In this mode, each shot you score will increase your playing time by one second. The number of balls is infinite.
  • Distance: The ball will be placed in different positions. Each successful throw adds one meter to your score. On the contrary, you will lose if the number of missed throws causes the score to return to zero.

In each game mode, bonus combos are calculated differently. You can follow this rule in the instruction panel when choosing any challenge mode.

How To Play

You just need to use the mouse button to align the direction and force of the ball. Note that the longer you drag the mouse, the stronger the throwing force will be. Players need to analyze the distance and angle from the main object to the target carefully to get impressive scores.

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