Football Masters

Football Masters

Football Masters

Football Masters is an exciting sports-themed game. You will become the owner of a legendary football team and build your way to becoming the king of football on every field! This game is a dramatic and challenging journey. Players will face strong opponents and compete for the top spot in the rankings. You will run your team through intense matches by fine-tuning flexible tactics.

With vivid graphics and realistic simulation gameplay, you will feel the excitement of scoring goals from beautiful and technical attacks. However, to become a true pro in Football Master, you need to train your team hard. Win through every challenge that life poses to prove your genius coaching ability.

Three Main Game Modes

This stunningly entertaining game has three game modes: single-player, two-player, and quick match. While a quick match is like an unlimited practice exercise, the remaining two modes are real matches. In it, players can choose between tournaments or friendly matches. This diversity makes your experiences never boring.

Control Your Football Players

  • Player 1 (the left character): You use the WASD keys to move, jump, or slide. A megashot will require the V key, and a normal shot will require the B key.
  • Player 2 (the right character): You use the arrow keys to navigate the character, the K key to supershot, and the L key to shot.

In single-player mode, you can absolutely apply either of the two methods above.

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