Football Brawl

Football Brawl

Football Brawl

Enter into dramatic chaos with a series of Football Brawl moves! You will participate in the field match experience with funny, hot-trend sandals. How can your players have a great pair of shoes in these top matches? Surely, it depends on your level of control. Try to beat your opponent by more points during the competition. Bonus points worthy of your round results will increase day by day. From there, shop at the in-game shop to customize your character.

The unique features in Football Brawl are also discoveries not to be missed. You can track your achievements and goals to get more rewards for the corresponding menu items. At the same time, don't forget to track your daily tasks to improve your score. Every effort you make in this online sports game is an important stepping stone to becoming a legend.

Maneuver Your Character

The key system of this game is not simple but is extremely diverse, so the character can perform many different activities.

  • The left and right arrow keys, or the A and D keys, move.
  • Press the spacebar to jump (limit jumping when not really necessary).
  • Use the H and J keys to kick and shoot the ball.
  • The K and L keys are for special moves (only one used in a round).
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