On Fire : Basketball Shots

On Fire : Basketball Shots

On Fire : Basketball Shots

On Fire: Basketball Shots presents a test of skill and patience. In this world of professional basketball, only your alignment technique is the limit. The player's mission is to throw the ball from one basket to another. Each successful jump will be equivalent to one bonus coin. Your goal is to score as many goals as possible. These bonus points can unlock a variety of marvelous changes to your experience.

Explore the Attractive Features

  • On Fire: Basketball Shots offers an endless experience with no limits on scores or missions.
  • A diverse collection of interfaces with countless interesting designs. Sports balls, beautiful snow globes, even planets and impossible shapes are all waiting for you to discover.
  • Players can use the accumulated coins to unlock different adventure locations. Endlessly appealing rounds through grassy hills, snowy mountains, technological worlds, and so on can make your experience even richer.

How to Control

You press and hold on to the basket containing the ball. Then, move the mouse in the opposite direction from the throwing direction. Continue aligning with the support (a small part) of the dots. Finally, you just need to release your hands to throw the ball. Note that, after leaving the current basket, that item immediately loses its effect. That means if you can't guide the ball to the next basket, it will fall down and lose.

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