Pass the Ball

Pass the Ball

Pass the Ball

Pass the Ball is not just a simple game of basketball but also a journey to perfection in coordination and teamwork. In this game, you will experience the thrill of working with your teammates to score points and win.

With sharp and attractive graphics, this sports game gives you the feeling of standing on a real basketball court, ready to make passes and score points for your team. Each match is a new challenge, requiring the best concentration and coordination from each team member.

The Co-op Gameplay

The special feature of Pass the Ball is the interaction and coordination between players. You will need to create smart strategies, pass the ball accurately, and take advantage of every opportunity to score points. It's not just about individual technique; it's also about understanding the position and quick reactions of each person on the team.

However, these characters will all be under your maneuver. In each segment, players face different challenges. You need to analyze the positions of the characters and obstacles to make the most accurate pass. Your goal is to score points, not necessarily pass to all your teammates.

Control and Score

You use the mouse button to align the direction and force of throwing the ball for each character. Scores corresponding to the number of stars will be determined for each level. The more difficult the level, the more limited throws will also increase, so don't worry.

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