Linear Basketball

Linear Basketball

Linear Basketball

Lanier Basketball is an arcade game that challenges you to score baskets by creating paths for basketballs to roll along. The game starts by firing the basketballs vertically upwards on the screen, and your task is to quickly draw paths for them to follow before they begin their descent past the baskets. Some levels may have multiple balls and baskets, requiring you to guide all the balls into the baskets. Be cautious, as there might be bombs appearing that you need to avoid or block.

This game provides an opportunity to unleash your creativity and artistic skills as you solve each puzzle. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases with the addition of more balls and baskets. It's a test of your quick thinking and drawing abilities combined! Good luck!


  • A unique combination of drawing and basketball gameplay.
  • Endless gameplay to challenge yourself and score as many baskets as possible.
  • Watch out for bombs that can destroy the hoop.
  • Experience smooth physics-based gameplay.

How To Play

Use your mouse to drag and draw lines.

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