My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel

We invite you to experience service management with the unique simulation game, My Perfect Hotel! Have you ever dreamed of owning and managing a great hotel? This game will put you in the role of a talented hotel manager and run your own wonderful hotel empire.

Players will be free to design and decorate this simulation service business to their liking. From choosing the furniture to deciding on services and amenities, everything is in your hands. You can also customize each room to your liking to attract customers and create a unique experience. You'll have to take on daily challenges, from managing staff to keeping customers happy and satisfied. First, unlock the necessary locations to welcome your guests. After these characters leave, you need to maneuver the manager to move to the rooms to clean and continue with the next guest.

Unlock the Engaging Features

  • My Perfect Hotel's restaurant management gameplay helps you enjoy unlimited fun.
  • The main character will upgrade after completing certain missions. You can monitor the section index right at the top of the screen.
  • Random accessibility and bonuses will appear and require you to watch a small ad to open them.

How To Play

You just need to hold down and move the mouse to navigate your character. When approaching the mission point, this manager will automatically perform the operation.

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