Basketball Jam Shots

Basketball Jam Shots

Basketball Jam Shots

Basketball Jam Shots is a game that lets you experience the thrill of shooting a basketball into the hoop. Choose one of the six available players and take your shot. The game features five modes: Beginner, Pro, Master, Time, and Super. You unlock each mode in order, starting with Beginner and progressing as you score points

How To Play

To play, select the trajectory for your ball and throw it, aiming to hit the basket. Watch out for other players who might try to stop you by using tricks like jumping or rotating the basketball backboard. To unlock new game modes, you need to score a specific number of baskets and earn points within the allotted time in the current mode. Making a series of successful shots will trigger a bonus shot from long range, allowing you to score even more points. Quick tip: Throw the balls as soon as possible to earn a bonus.

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