Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills is an arcade-style basketball game that offers various game modes to test your scoring abilities. You can choose to play in arcade mode, time attack mode, or distance mode.

  1. In arcade mode, you'll have 10 balls to use, and your goal is to keep scoring baskets. However, with each successful basket, the game becomes more challenging.
  2. Time attack mode requires you to score as many baskets as possible within a limited time. You have unlimited balls, but you must make the most of the time available.
  3. In distance mode, you can increase the shooting distance with each successful basket. However, if you miss a shot, the distance decreases. Be careful not to let the distance reach zero, or the game will be over.

Game Controls

  • Drag the left mouse button to aim.
  • Release the mouse button to shoot.
  • Press R to restart the game.

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