Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump is a fun and free 2-player fighting game where the goal is to make your opponent's head hit the floor. You control an athlete who jumps on one leg and tries to push the other wrestler towards the wall. If you can make your opponent hit the ground or the borders of the playfield, you win the round. You can play against the computer or with a friend. If you choose the multiplayer mode, you can even battle against players from all around the world. In Wrestle Jump, each player has 5 attempts, and the first wrestler to win five matches is the overall winner.

This game is easy to learn but challenging to win. If you're tired of complicated controls in other games, you'll love this one. You only need to focus on one button and time your hits correctly to knock out your opponent. Whether you're playing against the computer, your best friend, or players worldwide, the goal remains the same: make your opponent's head hit the floor before yours does, and you'll become a master of this game in no time.

How To Play

  • Player 1: Press W or left-click on the screen button
  • Player 2: Press M or left-click on the screen button

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