World Basketball Championship

World Basketball Championship

World Basketball Championship

World Basketball Championship is an exciting sports game that challenges your skills and precision as you strive to achieve your objective. Get ready to participate in a thrilling basketball championship where you can choose your favorite team from various countries including England, Germany, Italy, Romania, Brazil, and more. Compete against other teams in intense matches, aiming to score more baskets than your opponents to advance to the next stage. However, be aware that losing too many matches will result in elimination from the championship. As you progress, the challenges will become tougher, requiring dedication and perseverance.

How To Play

  1. Team Selection: Choose your favorite team to represent in the championship. Each team represents a different country.
  2. Unique Players: Control your players, who are in the form of cats, and guide them to victory.
  3. Mouse Controls: Use your mouse to determine the trajectory of your shots. Your goal is to send the ball into the hoop.
  4. Five Attempts: You have five attempts per match to score as many baskets as possible. Make each shot count!
  5. Adapt to Different Locations: Each match will take place in a different location, so analyze the surroundings and find the best shooting path.
  6. Progression: Win matches within your group to advance to the next stage. Be prepared for increasing difficulty as you climb the ranks.

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