Street Dunk

Street Dunk

Street Dunk

Street Dunk is an addictive game with engaging graphics that follows realistic rules of physics. With its simple controls, you can become a master of dunking basketballs. Challenge yourself to beat your own dunking records in high score mode and practice your dunking skills in the training mode until you achieve perfection. 

How To Play

  1. Set the shot strength and angle.
  2. Release to shoot.
  3. Aim to make as many consecutive shots as possible in regular game mode.
  4. Alternatively, explore and conquer 60 challenging layouts in training mode.

Starting the Game

  1. Tap anywhere on the game loading screen to access the welcome screen.
  2. On the welcome screen:
  • Tap anywhere (except buttons) to start the regular game.
  • Tap "TRAINING" to begin the 60 training levels.
  1. It is recommended to complete most or all of the training stages before playing the regular game.
  2. Your progress, including your top score in regular game mode and unlocked training levels, will be automatically saved by your web browser.
  3. The welcome screen includes a sound control button in the upper left corner, game developer information button in the lower left corner, and a "more games" button in the lower right corner.

Game Controls

  • Use the left mouse button to select anywhere on the screen and move to set the shot angle and strength.
  • Release the button to shoot.


  1. Basics
  • Street Dunk is a 2D trick shot basketball game with various court layouts.
  • Score as many consecutive points as possible without missing. Missing a shot ends the game.
  • Complete the 60 training stages to prepare yourself for the challenges in the regular game.
  1. Training
  • Unlock and play 60 training courses sequentially.
  • Replay previously completed shots at any time.
  • Restart a level an unlimited number of times if you miss a shot during practice.
  1. Regular Game
  • The regular game starts with an easy basketball shot, followed by random layouts of increasing difficulty.
  • Missing a shot ends the game, so aim carefully and time your releases perfectly.


  • The backboard is forgiving, so take advantage of it.
  • Adjust your aim slightly if needed by considering your cursor's position from the prior shot.
  • When the basket is moving up and down, aim to shoot when it is low and moving upward for a better arch.
  • When the basket is moving forward and backward, time your shot to arrive when the basket is moving forward.
  • On some levels, hitting other obstacles may be necessary to make the shot.

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