Soccer Snakes

Soccer Snakes

Soccer Snakes

Soccer Snakes is a distinctive variation of the traditional game of soccer, in which players control slithering snakes on the field! 

In this imaginative game, you'll lead your team of snakes to victory using quick thinking and strategic maneuvers. Traverse the playing area, manipulate the ball using the bodies of your serpents, and achieve goals against your adversaries while evading their endeavors to seize possession of the ball. Soccer Snakes provides an enjoyable and captivating gaming experience for players of all age groups, thanks to its vibrant visuals and user-friendly controls. Assemble your squad of serpentine athletes, engage in the game, and demonstrate your proficiency in soccer within the context of Soccer Snakes.

Tips and Tricks

Choose the best angle for your snake's headbutt assault to maximize your scoring possibilities. If you want to maintain your headbutt strength, make sure you consume blue sparkly dots often. Playing cooperatively may also be advantageous since it facilitates the use of more complex techniques like blocking opponents and setting up one-twos.

How To Play

The snakes are freed from their cages by either TAPPING or pressing the SPACE bar. Steer your snake using the side ARROWS, or if you're on a touch device, TAP on the SIDES. Utilize the UP ARROW or TAP BOTH SIDES simultaneously to boost your snake's headbutt power for those goal-scoring moments! 

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