Soccer Maze

Soccer Maze

Soccer Maze

Soccer Maze is a sports-themed game with creative gameplay that challenges the player's speed of analysis. To start, choose one of two game modes: single-player or two-player. A round of play with the CPU or with friends sharing the device with you, as long as you can enjoy some fun leisure time. At the beginning of the round, the familiar image of a football field appears with two goals. However, it is not a match between football players but between two balls. The gamers' task is to control their ball and find the correct direction to the opponent's goal.

The path design of the main entity in Soccer Maze is extremely special. Instead of a normal open field, you will see three main courses stacked on top of each other like a confusing maze. Your goal is to, as quickly as possible, find the appropriate path to score. The opponent's goal will change position continuously every time you score. Determine these coordinates accurately to be able to find a reasonable pipe. You need to score five times against your opponent to win in the end. The more rounds you play, the more tricky the maze design becomes.

How To Play

  • Single-player mode: You use the left and right arrows to move the ball to the top of the slides. Then press Enter to start the "shot".
  • Two-player mode: Player 1 has command keys similar to those in single-player mode. Meanwhile, Player 2 uses the A and D keys to navigate the ball and presses the spacebar to shoot.
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