Soccer Masters

Soccer Masters

Soccer Masters

Enjoy 90 breathtaking minutes of top matches with 90 seconds of Soccer Masters! Be prepared for performances such as dancing with the ball and scoring classy goals. First of all, choose a game mode that can satisfy your entertainment needs. You can join alone or invite friends to compete on one device. In the main round, you will control your character to do everything possible to score goals and protect your team's goal. Within the limited time, if you score more points than your opponent, you will win. What if the result is a draw? Don't worry; extra time and penalties will help you determine victory or defeat.

The pace of the round in Soccer Masters is extremely fast. Because your character must take on every position on the field, it needs to move continuously. Flexible navigation, according to genius strategies, will help you get the results you want. In particular, in this sports game, you can also participate in the rounds of the world tournament. The tournament is available in both game modes to help you expand the most exciting experiences of this "king sport"!

How To Play

  • Single-player mode: You use the arrow keys to move the character, press the X key to shoot, and the Z key to supershot.
  • Two-player mode: Player 1 (left character) has the same command key system as single-player mode. Meanwhile, Player 2 uses the following keys: WASD to move, the L key to shot, and the K key to supershot.
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