Shot Shot

Shot Shot

Shot Shot

Shot Shot brings the popular street basketball machine right to your fingertips. This game challenges you to tap as fast and accurately as possible within a limited time to achieve a high score. It's not just about scoring hoops; it's about mastering timing and accuracy under pressure. Can you beat high scores from players all around the world and prove that you're the best?

How To Play

Playing Shot Shot is simple. All you need are your fingers and a sharp focus. Use the drag-and-release mechanism on your device's screen to navigate the ball into the hoop. The longer you drag, the more power your throw will have. The objective is to score as many baskets as you can before the time runs out. Make every second count!

Tips and Tricks

Speed and accuracy are both important in this game. While you need to be quick, rushing your shots might cause you to miss and waste valuable time. Try to find a steady rhythm with your throws, aligning your swipes with the ticking of the clock. This can help you maintain pace and improve accuracy.

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