Nifty Hoopers

Nifty Hoopers

Nifty Hoopers

Experience the thrill of participating in a real and special shooting simulator with Nifty Hoopers. Choose from 16 different countries and compete against opponents from around the world. Showcase your exceptional shooting skills by nailing three-pointers or using clever fake moves to outsmart your opponents' defense. Race against the clock to accumulate enough points before time runs out. Aim accurately and make precise shots to lead your team to victory in the World Basketball Championship. 

International Competition

Ever wondered what it feels like to be part of an international basketball tournament? Now you can live that experience through Nifty Hoopers. Select any available country and dive into the big leagues, fighting for the coveted first prize. Confuse your adversaries with dazzling fake-outs while carefully timing your shots to score points. Progress through match after match, aiming to reach the finals. The ultimate face-off will present a real challenge, but with dedication, anything is possible. Can you gain the upper hand and make your homeland proud?

Straightforward Basketball Gameplay

Unlike other sports simulators, Nifty Hoopers keeps things simple and focused. No need to worry about team management, player recruitment, or complex strategies. This game hones in on the most fundamental and intuitive aspect of basketball—shooting hoops. Forget about running, passing, or executing intricate combinations. It's just you, the ball, your opponent, and the hoop. Give it your all to time your moves perfectly and score those crucial points.

How To Play

Thanks to its straightforward premise, the controls are minimalistic. A green slider moves left and right along the action bar. Click or tap anywhere on the screen to stop the arrow. Make sure it lands in the green zone to score. An opponent player will try to block your shot. Use a special move to deceive them into thinking you're about to shoot. Wait for the slider to reach the blue area, and stop it there. Your character will perform a fake-out shot, momentarily stunning the defender. Then, you can proceed to shoot the ball into the basket in the usual manner. Keep an eye on the stopwatch—you must accumulate a specific number of points to win.

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