Mystic Neon Ball

Mystic Neon Ball

Mystic Neon Ball

Guide a light ball through complicated neon mazes in Mystic Neon Ball, a fun puzzle game. Try to solve the maze and reveal these mysteries!

In this game, your goal is to guide the glowing neon ball through a series of increasingly complex mazes filled with obstacles and traps. Using intuitive controls, players must tilt their device or swipe the screen to maneuver the ball, avoiding pitfalls and collecting gems along the way. With each level presenting new challenges and mind-bending puzzles, Mystic Neon Ball offers an immersive gaming experience that will test your reflexes and problem-solving skills. From neon-soaked cityscapes to ethereal dreamscapes, each environment is beautifully crafted to transport players to a world of vibrant colors and mystical wonders. So, embark on this mesmerizing journey and see if you have what it takes to conquer the maze and unlock the secrets of the Mystic Neon Ball!

How To Play

  • Playing from mobile use mouse - Click and move.
  • Playing from computer use keyboard - Right & left arrows.
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