Flappy Soccer Ball

Flappy Soccer Ball

Flappy Soccer Ball

Flappy Soccer Ball will once again take you through the sewer challenge with breathtaking flying experiences! Step into the dynamic world of sports and catch the constant keystrokes. This never-ending adventure will challenge your ability to focus and accurately align your keystrokes. Pairs of consecutive columns with constantly changing gaps seem to want to burst your balloon. Be skilled enough to control the main entity to move through as many sewers as possible. Each pass is equivalent to one point.

Flappy with a Ball

All you need to do in Flappy Soccer Ball is press the mouse button. How can magical clicks help you conquer impressive scores? Every achievement is within your reach and depends on your peak skills.

Some Tips for You

  • Try to get the ball close to the obstacle, and you just need to click twice in a row to pass.
  • There is no segment that requires pressing the key more than four times in a row; remember that!
  • Observe as much space in advance as possible. Although the pace of the game does not get faster, the barriers will become more and more tricky. You need to grasp the terrain in advance to be able to improvise promptly.
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