City Ball Dunkin

City Ball Dunkin

City Ball Dunkin

Step out of your usual basketball routine and dive into the world of City Ball Dunkin! This thrilling endless runner game will put your reflexes and patience to the ultimate test. Unlike traditional basketball matches against other players, City Ball Dunkin takes you on a solo journey through the city. Your goal is to keep the winged basketball flying by continuously tapping on the screen. 

How To Play

In City Ball Dunkin, you simply tap the screen to dunk your basketball into the hoops. It requires precise timing and accuracy to control the speed and direction of your dunk. As you progress, the hoops become more challenging, moving in unpredictable ways. While there aren't many obstacles in your path, you must ensure that the ball doesn't hit the ceiling or the ground, and that you successfully shoot it through every hoop. Failing to follow these rules will cost you one of your three lives. Collect points during gameplay and use them in the store to unlock different balls.

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