Basketball Physics

Basketball Physics

Basketball Physics

Basketball Physics stands out among the multitude of basketball games with its addictive nature and deceptively simple gameplay. This game is built on real physics, ensuring that player movement, court dynamics, and ball behavior adhere to realistic conditions. Dive right into Basketball Shoot and aim to score with the limited number of basketballs at your disposal. Every shot counts as you strive to achieve higher scores based on your performance.


When launching the ball, you must set two essential parameters: the angle of your shot and the power needed to safely land the ball in the net. To accomplish this, players can drag a dotted line that determines both the power and angle. Once you release the button, the computer basketball player takes the shot. 

Basketball Physics offers 11 distinct stages, from the beach to the airport and even a rooftop setting. With simple sound effects and high replay value, it promises an engaging experience. The game is straightforward, enjoyable, and suitable for all ages, without the need for a steep learning curve.

Game Controls

Click to jump and throw. Player 1: Z key, Player 2: M key.

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