Basketball Papa

Basketball Papa

Basketball Papa

Basketball Papa is an exciting sports game where you get to play as a legendary basketball player who's come out of retirement. Despite being older, you're determined to show the young generation your amazing skills on the basketball court! Your goal is to score as many three-pointers as possible and achieve a high score. Compete with your friends and aim to set new records!

How To Play

To shoot the ball, press and hold the left mouse button to aim, then release it to throw the ball into the basket. There's no time limit, so take your time and carefully calculate the trajectory of the ball. Pay attention to the arrows above the hoop, as they indicate the strength and direction of the wind before you shoot. You can also use falling leaves from the trees to guide your shot. If the ball touches the ring and goes in, you earn one point. After making three perfect shots in a row, you can unleash a fireball that guarantees three points if you successfully score with it. The game ends if you make a mistake and miss a shot. 

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