Basketball King

Basketball King

Basketball King

Get ready to dominate the stadium in Basketball King! It's just you and your basketball, but you have so much to prove. Take aim and show everyone that you're the true basketball king!

This game is your chance to push your limits as a basketball player. Start with the tutorial levels to get familiar with the gameplay. Begin with a smaller number of targets and learn the sport. Later, you'll face more challenging obstacles and even go head-to-head with real-time opponents in player vs. player matches. 

All you have to do is click and drag the ball to throw it into the basketball hoop. By aiming accurately and swiftly dragging the balls, you can achieve your goals for each level. In the PVP mode, focus on making more successful shots than your opponent. Keep an eye on the time limit and make use of the bonuses you unlock with the money you earn.

How To Play

Click and drag with the left mouse button to move the basketball, then release the left click to throw the ball.

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