Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge is a fun and easy-to-play sports game where you can shoot hoops. Simply pick up the ball and swipe to throw it through the rim. You have two modes to choose from: Regular Mode and Endless Mode.

To play Basketball Challenge, tap on the ball and swipe in the direction of the basket to throw it. If the ball goes through the rim, you score 1 point. But if your ball passes through the hoop without touching the sides, you'll earn 2 points.

In Regular Mode, you can progress through levels one by one. Each level presents a specific challenge, such as scoring 5 points with a moving backboard. Alternatively, you can try Endless Mode and see how many points you can score before missing a shot. You have two allowed misses, but on the third one, you lose the game.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.
  • Tap the ball, then swipe and release to throw it.

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